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Select your meals from our varied menu of healthy, balanced & additive-free options.  Clean Protein, Varied Carbs, a mix of Fresh Vegetables.  

Our order page will prompt you to choose delivery timing & complete payment online.



We offer island-wide delivery.

All of our meals are chef-cooked daily & delivered fresh –  Never Frozen.     

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It’s super convenient!

Heat your meal to enjoy straight away.

Refrigerate or freeze to keep for later.

It’s that easy! 

All this reading making you hungry? 

You got me! I’ll order now!




custom meal plans

Our custom meal plans allow you plan ahead by ordering all your meals at once.  This will help you stay on track the entire week !

Delivery will be split so that you receive your meals fresh, but you’ll only be charged for delivery once. Cool right!

We have 4 Meal Plan options to choose from.  You can create your own Meal Plan here !

Our Story

Just like you… we are a group of people who started thinking about the quality and variety of the foods we were putting into our bodies each and every day.

As they say, You Are What You Eat ! and we wanted to be as healthy as possible. Hit the gym 3x a week, but fill our bodies with low quality oily foods, preservatives and other unnatural additives like MSG? Sound familiar? What for?!

Somehow, that guilty little snack didn’t quite satisfy… but working late, tired, not enough time to go to the supermarket AND cook! Plus, don’t really want to spend 40 bucks at a restaurant!

Eat Fit Meal Prep was formed as a convenient and affordable option for anyone to enjoy – a Private Chef for those of us who aren’t getting around in a chauffeur-driven Bentley. We all deserve to eat healthy food if we choose, regardless of our situation.

Our promise is that all your chef-cooked meals will be delivered to you Fresh – Never Frozen, and prepared with All Natural Ingredients, a Healthy Variety of Whole Foods, Satisfying Portions and all you need to do is …

Eat Fit and Enjoy.

Our Mission

Healthy Eating is NOT a Privilege, it’s YOUR Right!  

Shouldn’t EVERYONE have the option to access REAL Healthy Meals, if THEY CHOOSE TO?

Well, there’s always the option, right?

But WHY does the healthy option need to be so super expensive?  OK, Yeah, sure I can buy groceries every 2nd day and prepare all my meals fresh 7 days a week BUT, I have a job to hold down, I don’t live at home. No, I can’t exactly afford to have a helper (or a private Celebrity  Chef) cooking for me.

We all understand that food is our BIGGEST HEALTH EXPOSURE and that what we EAT is really, really important.  But when you’re hungry, busy, tired, building a future, paying off that flat, making that sale, meeting that client or picking up the kids from school – well, you (We) get the picture.

There are plenty of Reasons Why We Don’t Eat Healthy

Our Mission at Eat Fit is simply to give everyday people (yes, us the worker-bees, the over-worked majority!) real access to eating Healthy Meals:  Convenience, Quality, and Affordability is our mission.


Don’t waste hours slaving over the stove! We’ll do the grocery shopping, cooking (& cleaning up after!) so you can get on with doing more important stuff!


We use only top quality ingredients & our meals are cooked to order by our trained chefs – Balanced, Wholesome & Fresh.

We provide a well rounded menu.  Each meal is sure to include a healthy carb, lean protein, vegetables and a small amount of healthy fats.


Our meals start from SGD 8.90, and we keep our costs (and yours) to a minimum by having no shop front. 

our happy customers

Hi guys just wanted to say i really appreciate the service / food and the salmon was super nice – skin so crispy.  Anyway the portion sizes are huge which is really great, still had food today to eat.  I already feel the protein helping my recovery 🙂 –  Will order and pick up from the gym again soon.

– Choon Wei 

Delicious meal prep that’s so good you might not even suspect it’s healthy for you. Prices are reasonable.