Our Mission

Healthy Eating is NOT a Privilege, it’s YOUR Right!  

Shouldn’t EVERYONE have the option to access REAL Healthy Meals, if THEY CHOOSE TO?

Well, there’s always the option, right?

But WHY does the healthy option need to be so super expensive?  OK, Yeah, sure I can buy groceries every 2nd day and prepare all my meals fresh 7 days a week BUT, I have a job to hold down, I don’t live at home. No, I can’t exactly afford to have a helper (or a private Celebrity  Chef) cooking for me.

We all understand that food is our BIGGEST HEALTH EXPOSURE and that what we EAT is really, really important.  But when you’re hungry, busy, tired, building a future, paying off that flat, making that sale, meeting that client or picking up the kids from school – well, you (We) get the picture.

There are plenty of Reasons Why We Don’t Eat Healthy

Our Mission at Eat Fit is simply to give everyday people (yes, us the worker-bees, the over-worked majority!) real access to eating Healthy Meals:  Convenience, Quality, and Affordability is our mission.


Don’t waste hours slaving over the stove! We’ll do the grocery shopping, cooking (& cleaning up after!) so you can get on with doing more important stuff!


We use only top quality ingredients & our meals are cooked to order by our trained chefs – Balanced, Wholesome & Fresh.

We provide a well rounded menu.  Each meal is sure to include a healthy carb, lean protein, vegetables and a small amount of healthy fats.


Our meals start from SGD 8.90, and we keep our costs (and yours) to a minimum by having no shop front.