Our Story

Just like you… we are a group of people who started thinking about the quality and variety of the foods we were putting into our bodies each and every day.

As they say, You Are What You Eat ! and we wanted to be as healthy as possible. Hit the gym 3x a week, but fill our bodies with low quality oily foods, preservatives and other unnatural additives like MSG? Sound familiar? What for?!

Somehow, that guilty little snack didn’t quite satisfy… but working late, tired, not enough time to go to the supermarket AND cook! Plus, don’t really want to spend 40 bucks at a restaurant!

Eat Fit Meal Prep was formed as a convenient and affordable option for anyone to enjoy – a Private Chef for those of us who aren’t getting around in a chauffeur-driven Bentley. We all deserve to eat healthy food if we choose, regardless of our situation.

Our promise is that all your chef-cooked meals will be delivered to you Fresh – Never Frozen, and prepared with All Natural Ingredients, a Healthy Variety of Whole Foods, Satisfying Portions and all you need to do is …

Eat Fit and Enjoy.